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Monday, April 15, 2013

Happy Monday

No, really - today is truly a happy Monday for me at least. Our emergency renovations (long, nasty story that involves children and water) are finally complete. The contractor is just doing some finishing little touches, and I'm working on getting my house and studio back in order. It's been almost 2 months since I've been able to get into the studio!

One of the little projects that I've been working on while the contractor was doing his thing, was to stain and paint a very old Ikea drawer unit. The unfinished top and sides have been stained, and each of the 26 drawers is getting a coat of chalkboard paint that I mixed up myself from leftover house paint.  This is my new bead storage unit... to use UPSTAIRS! ( and not the dungeon ) I will finally be able to do my bead stringing and anything else that doesn't require major tools, upstairs, in the light. Sunlight is good folks ;-)  I'm looking forward to filling it all sorted by colour family. Very exciting!

To make your own chalkboard paint mix 2 tablespoons of unsanded white  / light coloured grout with a cup of latex or acrylic paint. Mix very well to remove all the clumps. I ended up using my stick blender. Now you can have chalkboard paint in any colour imaginable!

What creative projects have you got on the go?

1 comment:

pmkoop said...

Fabulous idea for organizing beads/supplies! Thanks for the recipe for chalkboard paint.