Sunday, March 03, 2013

The Joy of Metal Clay: A Metal Clay Treasure

Earlier this week, Jen posted "A treasure trove of free ebooks".  This got me thinking about metal clay resources and one particular treasure in the metal clay world.

Who I am talking about is Hadar Jacobson and her blog Art in Silver.  Ms. Jacobson frequently posts her trials and tribulations and shares her knowledge quite freely to those who are interested.  She truly wants you to learn from her experience.  It is a fantastic resources.

Speaking of ebooks, Ms. Jacobson provides a manual for using base metal clays on her website that provide direcitons on mixing and firing her metal clays.  It is downloadble PDF that she updates frequently and when she does she even highlights the areas that she has changed.  For those of you with a tablet device you can download the PDF and have your own metal clay ebook.  Now that is handy.

Ms. Jacobson also includes videos on her site which include topics such as how to mix her powdered clays, using Baldwin's Patina, making a pendant and balling up wires. 

In addition to Ms. Jacobson's free stuff you can buy her creations and her books through her online store.

Hadar, thanks for sharing! We appreciate it.

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Liz Reynolds said...

You're so right, Heather! Hadar's blog truly is a treasure.