Thursday, March 28, 2013

All that glistens is not Rose Gold!

27753012015261 Swarovski Elements Bead - 6 mm Faceted Xilion Bicone (5328) - Light Silk (1)Although, this week, Rose Gold is certainly a big part of what is glistening around here. The first wave of the new Swarovski colours hits the shelf this week. What do you think? This season is about soft, dreamy colours.
This weekend is also Easter - so our store is closed on Friday, Good Friday, and Sunday, Easter Sunday. So you will have to get your BeadFX beady-fix online for those two days! The store is open Saturday, and Easter Monday. And you really do want to check us out on Monday.
The new colour crystal is Light Silk. Lighter than Silk, a little warmer and peachier than Crystal Golden Shadow. Light Silk is an ethereal shade that you can mix with other colours to create depth through shading, or use where you want a warm, delicate colour.

The new "effect" for Spring 2013 is Rose Gold. Like AB - Rose Gold is a coating, and is, well, the colour of 34761281045004 Swarovski Elements Pendant - 10 mm Mini Pear (6128) - Crystal Rose Gold 2X (1)Rose Gold. It comes 27750500048004 Swarovski Elements Bead - 10 x 14 mm Oval (5050) - Crystal Rose Gold (1)as a coating on one side of the bead, or on both sides, as Rose Gold 2X.
It is significantly warmer and more coppery in colour than the other Swarovski Gold effects, like Dorado or Metallic Light Gold and very nicely complements the new Light Silk.

27758100032312 Swarovski Elements Pearl - 3 mm Round Pearl (5810) - Rose Gold Pearl (100)And the new pearl colour for this spring is also called Rose Gold - Rose Gold Pearl - and it too, works beautifully with the new Light Silk and Rose Gold.

And, if you want to just go check out all of this week's new stuff, you can do that here!

Oh, and next Monday is April 1st, and it is Easter Monday. And the birthday of 50% of the IT team. So it is "no-foolin'-you-really-want-to-check-out-our-website" Day. Just sayin'.

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