Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Oh dear. Oh deary me. I think I have a new addiction all thanks to Dawn Liu-Smyth. I took a class on making felt beads with Dawn on Sunday at the store and had a great time. It's nice when there is a class full of enthusiastic students. We just couldn't get enough of the beautiful merino rovings and the large selection of colours to choose from.

The colour inspiration for my beads was a lovely strand of dyed and faceted agate that I bought as a special treat to myself. I made some beads in a single colour that I pulled from the bead. For two of the beads, I combined colours of roving.

That combination is what really sparked my interest. So, I went into the store and bought some more precious stone beads to see if I could replicate them in felt. I made two sets and think they turned out really beautifully.

With all the rovings laid out, I got to thinking about painting with felt. So I created a "painting" and then felted it. I am very pleased with the results.

Please enjoy the pictures below of what I made and of what was made in class. Keep an eye out for more felting classes from Dawn Liu-Smyth, because she is a super teacher and you will have a ton if fun!

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Those are wonderful ! Great work on matching those colors - love them

I have often wondered about my crafty addictions - is it an addiction or is it a prescription to make me happy - either is ok with me -