Thursday, March 14, 2013

Rice is Nice, but Brass kicks ... Butt

s35234 Czech Seedbeads -  Rizos - Peridot Capri Gold (10 grams)
Rice - it's what all the seedbeaders want. Not actual rice, because, it's not like any of us have time to cook - but Rizos - Rice-shaped beads. Blunter and rounder than a dagger, these could be a fringe, or use them to add some texture!

This shape of bead was designed by and developed with Sabine Lippert. You can see them in use on her site here, and here. And there is a very inspiring pin-board here with lots of ideas. (The little clusters are particularly appealing!)

s35303 Metal Bezel Settings - Size 6 x 6.25 mm Channel (Finger) Ring - Brass (1)Next up - a total score! Check out these brass rings! Rings as in rings-you-wear-on-finger. These have a raised edge, and are just screaming out to be embellished. You could peyote stitch around them (Pam is already working on that idea), or fill them with Epoxy Clay and cover them with Swarovski crystals (I'm going to try that, for sure) ... or ... what can you think of?

s35310 Metal - 45 mm Engraved Round Locket - Brass (1)And speaking of screaming to be embellished? How about this engaved brass locket? Actually - we have two styles, fancy and plain.

But the real piece de-you-can't-resistance are the new brass stampings! Die-stamped and de-lightfus35312 Findings - Stamped -  Curved Feather - Brass (1)l. A real feather in your cap. Guaranteed to s35317 Findings - Stamped -  Brendas Bats - Brass (1)drive you batty.

But Wait - there's MORE. More new stuff.
s35264 Woven Wire - 20 mm WireLuxe Wire Ribbon - Champagne (9 inches)A totally new product - WireLuxe. From the people that brought you Wire Lace - new WireLuxe. This is a woven band of wire, two bands, actually - with a criss-crossy web of wires between. It is soft, flexible, lightweight yet firm enough that you can push it s35275 Woven Wire - 20 mm WireLuxe Wire Ribbon - Meadow (24 inches)into a zig-zaggy pattern, and it will hold its shape.

It has an elegent texture - and comes in lovely colours, including some metallic multicolours, like "Meadow." Use it "as is" or as a base to embellish!

Alrighty - that's a wrap for this week.

If you want to cheat and just go check out the new stuff, you can do that on our New Products page. ;-)

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