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Thursday, February 28, 2013

OK - this is it - Drumroll please ...

Our new website is coming – Today!

Our new website should roll out some time on Thursday, February 28 during the day. 

We'd like to welcome you to come and check it out! We're very excited about it! 

Why – well – here's some of the new features!
  • Better search function (yay!)
  • Bigger, better picture viewing, and more of them too!
  • Faster shopping and more capable shopping cart!
  • Wish list – remember items for later purchase
  • Online order tracking and notifications
  • Order history (double yay!)
  • More flexible organization (we can now put things in more than one place – to make it easier for you to find related items!) - plus – did we mention the new search function?
  • Portable shopping cart (log in, and put items in your shopping cart. Resume shopping on another computer or on your tablet – when you log in, your order-in-progress is still there!)
If you have an existing account on our website – you will have to create a new account on the new site, as accounts will not transfer to the new site. However – you will only need to do this once, and it's a good opportunity to make sure the data is up-to-date and we have your current address!
If you have a business account or bead society membership – email us a quick note with your name and email and we'll update your status. You won't have to dig out your business licence or membership card and send it to us again. 

As with any move - we're still trying to figure out a few things, like where to put that enormous antique sideboard, and how to make the inspirations work on the new site – but rest assured – we'll get it all straightened out soon. Things like the monthly contest, the inspirations, etc., will remain, but we may have to do some more work to get them properly integrated. 

We do suggest that if you have an order in progress – you place it – even if you place it as a callback and email us to say hold it – as the new site will know nothing about your half-completed order. Or – just wait for the new site to come online – and have fun exploring! 

If you get lost or confused, or spot something weird, just email to and we'll sort it out! I'm sure there will be lots of little things - but we'll get them all done.

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