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Sunday, February 03, 2013

The Joy of Metal Clay: A Metal Clay Treasure

Jen, blogged earlier today about a "Treasure Trove of ebooks" this week and it reminded me of a metal clay treasure and some of her resources I am not sure if I mentioned before.

One great treasure in the metal clay world is Hadar Jacobson, I know I have mentioned her before and that she provides great insight and information on her blog Art in Silver (you can get a subscription to her blog and she will send you emails for when she posts something new, I love this!).  Ms. Jacobson and her website is such a treasure trove I have to mention it again.  She freely shares her experiments and tips and truly wants you to learn. 

Speaking of ebooks you can download a  PDF on how to work with her base metal clays.  She frequently posts when she updates a version and she even highlights the areas that have been updated.You can download to the PDF to your tablet, if you have one and voila = an ebook!

Also on Ms. Jacobson's blog are videos.  Topics include mixing her clays, shortening metal clay firing times, using Baldwin's patina and balling up wire. 

Thanks Hadar for all your sharing!

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