Sunday, February 03, 2013

The Joy of Metal Clay: Upcoming Introductory Classes

Two introductory metal clay classes are schedule this new year.  One class will be held on Sunday March 10, 2013 and one will be held on Saturday May 18, 2013.  I am not sure if they are on the calendar yet but they should be posted soon.  Introductory metal clay classes are a great way to open up that package of metal clay and try it out in a"supportive environment".   That statement may sound funny but for many of you who now work with metal clay may actually get it.  When I first got into metal clay I bought all the supplies and clay, took books out of the library but I was terrified to open up the clay and start using it.   I was scared of making a mistake and wasting all the money I spent.  I finally called up BeadFX and took at class with Jennifer Tough.  I was so glad to take the class, it was fun and gave me the confidence to take on this medium and surely I did. 
The introductory class teaches the basics.  How to roll, shape, cut, attach and torch fire your metal clay.  Because you start with just a lump of clay what you make is up to your imagination.  I will not let you try a ring, though, sorry. Rings can be tricky, frustration and time consuming; but charms, pendants and earring are definitely an option. I will guide you on design ideas but your options are endless.
Here are some pictures of some possible projects:
 Reversible, domed pendant. Side 1.

 Side 2.
 Pendant with a bail.
 Reversible Dome Heart. Side 1

Side 2.
Keep your eyes out for the class posting.  Love to see you!

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