Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Joy of Metal Clay: Quilling

Last week I discussed the possibility of using paper type metal clay for origami projects.  Another use is to use a quilling technique to create an interesting effect.

Quilling is also known as "paper filigree" is a technique of coiling thin pieces of paper to create intricate works of art.  Origins of this art form are uncertain but claim to be an ancient technique that began to gain popularity in 1500's which continued through to the 1800s.  Paper type metal clay has adopted this technique creating fascinating silver art work.

Here is a video by Jackie Truty, from Art Clay World USA demonstrating and explaining the technique:

There are directions on quilling with paper type clay at Art Clay World USA. I have yet to try this with metal clay.  When I have tried quilling paper I have used a toothpick instead of a quilling tool. I wonder if a split mandrel would work in a pinch???

For your information, I found this basic guide for using paper type clay  from Art Clay World USA.

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