Friday, January 25, 2013

Getting Organized - a continuing saga

Bead Organization

I dream of being organized.

I subscribe to newsletters.

I like organizing focused pages on Facebook.

I pin all sorts of organizing tips on Pinterest.

I have all sorts of containers.
studio organization

This is not my picture... I wish!!!

I also have one big mess of beads.

I touched on my desire to be more organized in my blogpost A Beader's New Year's Resolutions.

I figure I am not the only one who suffers from organizational procrastination and a gazillion half finished (or is half started) projects.

Today I started entering my bead inventory into an excel insane is that? Not quite as insane as you would think when you come home with the same tube of beads for the ninth time....

Here is the beginning of my inventory:

size brand number colour vendor
8 Toho 16 tr capri blue beadfx
8 Toho 44 opaque sour apple beadfx
8 Toho 83 metallic broze iris beadfx
8 Toho 221 bronze beadfx
8 Toho 268 IC Ocean Lt Bronze/Crystal beadfx
8 Toho 344 blacklined crystal beadfx
8 Toho 610 opaque black matte beadfx
8 Toho 611 gunmetal matte beadfx
8 Toho 708 cassiopeia matte beadfx
8 Toho 803 lumi peachlined crystal beadfx
8 Toho 922 purple lined white opal beadfx
8 Toho 2224 silverlined purple beadfx
8 Toho 162c trans dark topaz ab beadfx
8 Toho 164f tr lime rbowfr beadfx
8 Toho 165f trans lt siam rbow frost beadfx
8 Toho 166df fr tr rbow lavendar ab beadfx
8 Toho 22f s/l mt lt topaz beadfx

It looks better in Excel.... I also have a column for the price of the tube and the size of the tube - but that still needs to be filled in.

My plan is that by the end of the year, I will have a handle on my beads. (insert maniacal laughter here)

Who wants to join me?

I will give little challenges to myself and hope that you will follow along.

Think of all the duplicate beads we will not buy!!! Think of all the NEW beads we WILL buy!!!!

This week's challenge:
Find all your PhD's (projects half done).
Put each one in a ziploc bag with everything you need - or think you need for that project.
That's it...
Please comment with how many PhD's you discovered.
I'll share mine too.

Let's spend every Friday blog on getting organized. Together we can do it. (I hope!)



KJ said...

I have a spreadsheet with pictures. It is for Delicas.

If you would like a copy e-mail me. You can find me on my blog at:

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Oddly enough I did this toward the end of the year 2012...great minds as they say. I started to inventory my beads. I have them on shelves and was writing corresponding numbers on my jars to go along with my list. I got tired ~ lol. I know there are programs for inventory, so maybe someday. Visit my organizing blog if you want to see my studio and beads.

KJ said...

I don't think my first attempt to leave a comment worked.

I have a spreadsheet for Delicas which includes photos for color, number, a color category for each bead, e.g. red, blue, metallic, etc.. which makes it sortable. I have a second worksheet which will tell you that turquoise might be blue or green but coral is orange. You can add a yes/no column for beads you own. I created this workbook to sell, but also to help me when ordering.

My personal copy has additional pages, one for beads I own and one for ordering. I created these with simple cut and paste commands. It also has a page for Czech beads and I am working on adding a durability column.

It is quite large, almost 3.5 MB but if you would like a copy, e-mail me and I would be glad to share. You can pick up my e-mail address at my blog.