Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Swarovski Elements - More Than Just for Jewellery

I shared how to use Swarovski rhinestones to crystallize your nails. I thought I'd share some more non jewellery inspiration for you.


wedding bling nails

Ice Queen with #swarovskirhinestones.  Beautiful makeup and art.
Crystal and glitter makeup.

Eyelashes w Swarovski rhinestonescrystal

Office Equipment/Electronics
Swarovski Heart Computer Mouse - I NEEEEEEED IT!!!!

Swarovski coffee machine

Bling bling bling

Wedding Cakes

 sparkle cake!

Everyday Products
 20 DIY Beauty Tips: Vaseline Uses 1) Make your eyelashes grow 2) Make your scent stay 3) Hide split ends 4) to keep unwanted nail polish off your skin while painting your nails!this might be the best thing i ever pinned

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