Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Joy of Metal Clay: 3D Printer that Uses Paste

My obsession lately has been becoming mesmerized by the potential of 3D printers.  Again, I am a fan of creating with my hands but the science fiction aspect of inputting a design into a computer and a machine actually printing it out fascinates me.

I found this video of a 3-D printer being used in the food industry.  They are designing a printer that will print anything in a paste form.  Can you imagine what you could make with metal clay paste and this machine.  I have taught many students to use syringe and I would say that the majority of students I have had struggle with keeping their hand steady.  Myself included, I can use paste to entrap a stone and make organic looking details but I have never been able to produce anything that didn't have that "organic" look (when I say organic, I mean imperfect or perhaps even a bit messy). 

Here is the video:

The machine is not cost effective but imagine the fun you could have!!!!


The BeadFX Buyer said...

$1000 isn't much. The first laser printers cost more than that when they were launched and now you can buy one for less than $100.

Thhis would make a cool tool for the metalsmithing studio.

Anonymous said...

ooo, and open source too. not like those cutter-printers, i.e. cricket, etc, that charge you for cartridges.