Thursday, April 26, 2012

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Ali Baba and The Coffee Thieves

s32517 Window Beads - 13 x 20 mm Flat Diamond - Ravens Wing (Strand 10)Once upon a time - there were two brothers. One was greedy and s32516 Window Beads - 8 x 12 mm Flat Rectangle - Cassis and Cream (15)conniving, and so became very successful and wealthy. His heart was as black as a Raven's Wing. He would sit s32511 Window Beads - 11 x 10 mm Flat Square - Bumbleberry Humbug (Strand 15)around eating Cassis and Cream, and Bumbleberry Humbugs.


s32454 Glass Drops - 6 x 9 mm Pear Drops - Juiced Mango (strand 30)The other was a good man - wise and kind - and he didn't give a Juiced Mango for worldly riches.

s32458 Glass Flowers - 13 mm Lotus Blossom - Gold Accented Nile Green Opal (1)One day - Ali Baba - for that was his name, was venturing out into the forest to pick some Lotus Blossoms to sell at the market place. The fact that Lotus Blossoms do not grow in the forest may well have had s32459 Glass Leaves - 8 x 11 mm Triangle Cone Leaf - Chartreuse (Strand 20)something to do with his lack of success - he would have been better off trying to gather some Triangle Cone Leaves in the Summer s32450 Glass Drops - 6 x 9 mm Pear Drops - Summer Meadows (strand 30)Meadows!

s32463 Glass Flowers - 13 mm Lotus Blossom - Plum Perwinkle (1)While he was picking some Plum Periwinkles, he overheard some thieves plotting to steal all the coffee in the city and hold it for ransom! 

s32514 Window Beads - 8 x 12 mm Flat Rectangle - Titanic (15)s32512 Window Beads - 8 x 12 mm Flat Rectangle - Moody Blues (15)"This is Titanic!" he said to himself. "Without coffee - everyone will be sad and have the Moody Blues. s32515 Window Beads - 8 x 12 mm Flat Rectangle - Rising Tide (15)This is part of a Rising Tide of crime! I must do something," he thought. 

So he went s32453 Glass Drops - 6 x 9 mm Pear Drops - Dwarf Steel (strand 30)
home and got his Dwarf Steel sword, put s32457 Glass Drops - 4 x 6 mm Tiny Tims Drops - Dark Olive Khaki (strand 50)on his Dark Olive Khakis, and then kissed his two wives good-bye. 

s32452 Glass Drops - 6 x 9 mm Pear Drops - Rose Lustre (strand 30)s32451 Glass Drops - 6 x 9 mm Pear Drops - Olive Lustre (strand 30)They had been sisters, Rose Lustre and Olive Lustre, and he had been unable to choose between them, and so he married them both - which was big of him, don't you think? 

s32460 Glass - 7.5 mm Lenticular Donut Spacer - Matte Crystal (strand 25)He grabbed some Lenticular Donuts as s32461 Glass Flowers - 13 mm Lotus Blossom - Matte Caribbean Sea Opal (1)a snack, and went down to the Matte Caribbean Sea, to talk to the tb8t86 Japanese Seedbeads - 8/0 Toho Triangles - Metallic Dark Abalone IrisMetallic Dark Abalone - the wisest of all creatures in the sea. 

The Abalone lived in a cave, and when Ali Baba got to the cave, he hammered on the rocks and called. "Open up you old clam!" The Abalone called - "Open? Sez who?" Ali Baba called back - "Open! Sez me!" 

The Abalone finally let Ali Baba into the cave, and offered him a drink. And then another. And tb8t993 Japanese Seedbeads - 8/0 Toho Triangles - Inside Colour Bronze/Black Diamondtb8t995 Japanese Seedbeads - 8/0 Toho Triangles - Inside Colour Gold/Aqua ABanother. Pretty soon, Ali Baba could see colours inside of colours! He could see Inside Colour Bronze / Black Diamond! And Inside Colour Gold / Aqua AB. Pretty soon, Ali Baba forgot why he had come, and he and the Abalone stayed up all night, singing sea shanties.

s32513 Window Beads - 8 x 12 mm Flat Rectangle - Ali Baba and the Coffee Thieves (15)s32518 Window Beads -  Flat Wave - Turquoise (Strand 10)Meanwhile, the Coffee Thieves had descended on the city like a Flat Wave. But they were so jittery from drinking too much coffee that they woke up a guard, who alerted the police with his Trumpet Lily. The thieves were caught and arrested. Ali Baba's brother managed to take the credit, and Ali Baba woke up with a terrible headache - that not even coffee could cure. 

And that is the real story of Ali Baba and the Coffee Thieves and any other version that you may have heard was written by the Evil Brothers' Anti-Defamation League. 

s32464 Glass Flowers - 10 x 12 mm Trumpet Lily - Matte Turquoise Opal (1)
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Kia said...

I love your stories. It's neat to see how you fit all those bead names into a story. If you are a 'loon', so am I. Keep at it.