Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Joy of Metal Clay: Photos

Today, Tracy Lai and Jessie Lin spent the day finishing up their Art Clay Level One Certification course.  They did a great job.  Here are some of their completed projects.  The course took three days and they completed seven specific projects each including two rings.

 Tracy's Flowered Porcelain Cabochon
 Jessie's Hibiscus

 Tracy's rolled band ring and syringed earrings.
 Jessie's  Sage Leaf Brooch
 Tracy's Hibiscus Leaf Brooch
Jessie's Syringe Pendant

They both did a great job.  I made a few things too, but didn't get time to finish them but I will share next week.

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Danee said...

those are awesome projects. I am almost persuaded to add metal clay to my skills.