Monday, April 09, 2012

A little eye candy

I haven't done this in a while - so lets put aside the chocolate bunnies, marshmallow chickies and sugar eggs and feast a while on some eye candy!

First up - Christies is having another auction of exceptional jewelry items - but this time they belong to someone who was the very opposite of famous - a wealthy recluse who guarded her privacy with the determination of a Rottweiler. These are the most fabulous of Ms. Huguette M. Clark's jewels - stored in a bank vault and unseen since the 1940's. Amongst the offerings are a 44.09 carat "perfect" diamond ring - a type IIa diamond that is the most chemically pure and is exceptionally clear.

If that is too mainstream for you, then you can always bid on the "Clark Pink" - a 9 carat "modified cushion-cut fancy vivid purplish pink diamond" - estimated to go for somewhere in the vicinity of $ 6 - 8 million.

Check out the catalogue here - many other very drool-worthy items inside.

And while we are on the topic of rings-that-cost-more-than-your-house, check out this stunning opal, sapphire and emerald and diamond ring from Hammerman Brothers. And I thought this "Regal Emblem" brooch - in gold and diamonds - was interesting - because - d4mn - it looks like it was embroidered. You could make your own version in metallic gold thread!

Here's a few more rings I wouldn't mind finding tucked inside an Easter egg! This emerald ring from the dealer S.J. Phillips is a stunner, but if their impressively large selection of emerald rings doesn't do it for you, try the sapphire rings page instead.

If you'd like a little more whimsy with your gemstones, check out this handmade silver and gem steam-machine - Dragon's Breath. The artist details the steps and the process of making this delightful little piece!


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