Friday, April 06, 2012

Happy Eatster er... Easter

 As you read this, I'll hopefully be up before the kids so that I can get at least one cup of coffee in before they get up and start the "Is it Easter Yet?" This will continue non stop until I either banish them to their rooms (as if), or I lose my mind. Scenario #2 is far more likely.

The store is closed today, open on Saturday regular hours, and closed again on Sunday. We're back to normal as of Monday.

Even if you don't celebrate Easter - you can still eat Easter cookies, and of course they really should sell those Milka 'Lil' Cups all the time. It's completely unfair that they only sell them this time of year.

I'll be making batches of these today - just cuz. Thank you Pinterest :-)

Source: via carolyn on Pinterest

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