Thursday, February 09, 2012

New This Week!

Hearty Heart Heart!

Jen's recent set of heart inspirations (Lock & Key, Hearts Ablaze) reminded me that s31626 Firepolish - 12 mm Faceted Fancy Heart - Ruby Marea (1)Valentine's Day is coming up. You'd think the sea of chocolate in all s31630 Firepolish - 12 mm Faceted Fancy Heart - Rosaline Marea (1)the stores would have made that point, but I've been a little distracted lately - what with the move and the studio renovation and all.
It did spark some conversations about hearts - or specifically the "heart shape" - which some folks adore as being a pleasing shape with positive and fond associations, and others despise for being a representation of everything overtly sentimental and "precious" - I think was the term someone used. 

s31620 Firepolish - 8 mm Faceted Fancy Heart - Jet (strand 25)Even if you are not a big fan of the heart shape - you have to admit - these new faceted firepolish hearts are pretty yummy! They are a vertical heart - the hole runs from top to bottom, and have a stepped or barrel cut faceting pattern. We have them in two sizes, and yes - more colours than just "red." (The red is really awesome though!) Find them all here on their own page, Firepolish Fancy Hearts.

27758101111001 Swarovski Elements Pearl - 7 mm Round Pearl (5810) - Creamrose Pearl (strand 25)If the hearts don't move you - well perhaps something in a pearl? We have a couple of choices for the pearl-fans this week! (You know who you are!) We've started to add the Swarovski 7 mm pearls to the Swarovski pearl line-up. They aren't available in the full range of colours - but if you are wanting to make a graduated pearl necklace, and needed the 7 mm to fill in the gap between 6 mm and 8 mm, then here you go - 7 mm Creamrose, Black Pearl, and Bronze

s31586 Freshwater Pearls -  Big Hole Potato Pearl - Mixed Roses Pearl (strand)s31584 Freshwater Pearls -  Big Hole Potato Pearl - Light Ivory Pearl (1)For a funkier, and made-by-nature, pearl - check out the big-hole, freshwater pearls. Pearls traditionally have these tiny, tiny holes - which limits your stringing options. These, however, have a 2.5 mm hole - which opens up the possibility of stringing them on satin cord, leather, ribbon, and even fine chain. (They are not large enough to go onto Pandora style chains - you need a 3 mm hole for that!)
Other Stuff!
s31595 Rhinestone Bead - 12 mm Pave Bead - Crystal / Gold (1)New Pave beads too - a slightly smaller version - 12 mm, is31597 Button - 23 mm Swan a Swimming - White/Blue w Gold Accents (1)n silver or gold plated. 

Some awesome new buttons - now THESE are Swans a Swimming!

s31605 Metal Bead Cone -  Celtic Rhombus - Antique Copper (1)Copper anyone? New copper beads and bead caps ans31602 Metal Bead Cap - 19 mm Alhambra Lace - Antique Copper (1)d cones too!

s31606 Packaging -  Square Storage or Display Bins - Clear (1)If you've been into the store lately - you may have been admiring our new storage bins! It's taken us years to find these fabulously perfect containers! Just the right size for handful of beads, and a crystal clear plastic that not only makes the beads easy to see, but isn't ugly! So clear, they almost disappear! Square - to fit together nicely, and available with lids for storage or moving.
We are offering these bins for sale if you'd like to store and organize your own stash of beads! Available singly, or as a special order for those who really need a LOT of them.

s31635 Finished Necklace - 16 inch Multi-Cable w Twist Clasp - Black (1)

Wonderful stuff all over the site, as always, so go ahead, click on a link or a picture above, or start with the Main Page, if you are feeling intrepid, (there is a LOT of stuff there), or chunk it down into bite-size portions by checking out the categories: Click on a link and go crazy! Firepolish, Pressed Glass, Swarovski Crystal, Seedbeads, Stone and Pearls, Preciosa Crystal, Metal Beads, Other Cool Beads, Findings, Metal Clay & Supplies or Books, Kits, Tools. Look for the "new" tags!
Or maybe check out all our free, yes, free projects. A new one every week.

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