Sunday, February 05, 2012

The Joy of Metal Clay: More Saul Bell Award Finalists

Sandra Mikel - Saul Bell Award Entry in Metal Clay

This week I want to share to additional Saul Bell Award Finalists in Metal Clay. First a note about what the this competition:

"The Saul Bell Design Award competition has both inspired and challenged jewelry designers around the globe for the past decade, and now in its tenth year, it continues to recognize artists whose work challenges traditional perceptions of jewelry design. Named for the founder of Rio Grande, the competition celebrates Saul's spirit and legacy by inviting artists and students to enter their most innovative creations in any of six categories: Gold/Platinum, Silver/Argentium® Silver, Beads, Metal Clay, Hollowware or Enamel."

Above is an entry by Sandra Mikel from Hawthorne, Florida. Unfortunately I could not find any information about the entry. I wonder if it is all gold clay (imagine the cost of that - current price of Gold Clay is around $214.00 for only 3 grams! Assuming this piece weighs 75 grams it would contain $5,350 worth of gold clay!). Anyway no matter what it is made out of it is a lovely design. Good job, Sandra.

Below is another entry:

Emma Baird - Saul Bell Award Entry in Metal Clay

Emma Baird is a metal clay artist from Edinburgh, Scotland. She had a great site showing her fabulous work. In viewing her work she really has a knack for setting gemstones in metal clay.


Sandy Mikel said...

Thanks so much for the kind words! No, definitely not gold! Just my favorite metal, bronze.

Fine Silver Girl said...

Thanks for sharing, Sandra. The colour of the Bronze is so warm and rich, I didn't even consider that is was Bronze. Makes more sense now. It's great. Good luck. H.

Fine Silver Girl said...
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Emma Baird said...

Thank you so much for sharing my piece, and your kind words !

Fine Silver Girl said...

Your welcome and good luck to you too, Emma.