Sunday, February 12, 2012

Joy of Metal Clay: Charmed I'm Sure Metal Clay Class

Yesterday, I held the first Charmed I'm Sure Class at the new location. Wow, what a beautiful space and what fun.We had a fun class. This year we are trying out combined introductory classes teaching about both Art Clay Silver and Art Clay Copper. Student's get to choose one type of clay to use and are taught techniques for both. It gives students a chance to see the pros and cons of each type of clay. This is not a mixing metals class and Art Clay Copper requires a much higher temperature but a chance to learn a bit about both types of clay. I think it worked out well and we will be running the class again, so stay tuned.

We were having such a great time that I forgot to take pictures until it was time to pack up.

Alas, one of my students from about a year ago had come and had with her one of the pieces she made in her very class. I she kindly allowed me to take a picture. This is not a typical first piece and if I remember correctly it took her most of the day class to get it right, but it turned out great!!

by Nola MacFour

It is a series of curled feather textured pieces and three large champagne coloured cubic zirconia beads that were fired in place. Thanks for sharing Nola.

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