Monday, February 06, 2012

Lampwork Studio Progress

A number of folks have asked about the progress of the lampwork studio - especially after they have seen the store and how exciting that is!

It looks like it will be another week for the lampwork studio - here is a picture of how it looked at the beginning of last week. The vent hoods have been hung - and since then - the torches have been mounted on the tables and the new table covered in metal.

The "booster" - that blue box temporarily sitting on the end of the table in the picture - has been relocated into the next room so that - joy of joys! - we won't have to listen to it anymore!

It has been the ventilation that has been taking up most of time in this renovation - getting the hoods moved from the old location, getting holes cut in the roof (always a little traumatic) - and having the hoods ducted and hooked up. After that is finished - things should roll along quickly!

We'll be starting out with 8 torches - 2 more than we had before - and adding 4 more in the future. This will allow us to accommodate more people - especially for classes and guest instructors!

I know a lot of you are really looking forward to getting back to the torch and getting your next lampworking fix! Should be soon now!

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