Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Where did she go?

I'm still alive :-) Sorry for my lack of posts last week. I've been out of commission with some sort of bug. Hopefully, I'll be back with more posts for you tomorrow.

In the meantime, if you're looking for something to satisfy a sweet tooth - and we're beaders, I know you we all have a sweet tooth. Make a cupcake, Magnolia Bakery style.  Personally, I own a copy of the Magnolia Bakery Cookbook  - and I have to say every single recipe I've tried is fantastic.  The peanut butter cup cookies were by far the favourite so far. :-)


Gail Bryant said...

Hope you feel better soon, Jen.
And... mmm those cupcakes sound good. Just to let you know, there is a cupcake bakery on East Queen Street in the Beaches... way east, near the end. We've had some of their cupcakes and they were SCRUMPTIOUS -- "Life is Sweet," 2328 Queen Street East -- and the flavours are awesome. In case you don't feel like baking.
Cheers, Gail

jen said...

Yummm - I think I may just have to take a trip down to the beaches then.