Sunday, October 03, 2010

The Joy of Metal Clay -Certification: Level One Art Clay Certification

I am teaching a Level One Art Clay Certification at BeadFX at the end of this month (October 29, 30, 31 ). I have been getting quite a few emails inquiring about the course. I welcome the emails but for those of you who are curious or just too shy to email me here is a little bit about what the certification class involves.

First and foremost I must state that the course has a mandatory curriculum (sadly you can't go off willy nilly making your own thing). There are seven projects that have a very specific set of requirements. Although I encourage you to bring your own artistic ideas to the projects sometimes there just isn't enough time over the three days to garner inspiration. The course is more about technique than artistic ability.

The biggest question I get is: What are the projects? ? So here is a brief overview of the seven projects:

  • Pasted Leaf Brooch -In this one you to apply paste to a leaf, and make a brooch.

This leaf is both a brooch and a pendant

  • Ring 1 - A flat band ring with syringe overlay. The key to this one is to making a seamless join.

Flat Band Ring
  • Ring 2 - Rolled band ring with a fine silver prong setting.

    Rolled band ring with a prong set ruby

  • Pendant 1 - A flat pendant with a hand mirror finish in one portion and the other portion is textured with paste paste. This piece also requires the placement of a post for a pearl to be set after firing and setting of a fireable gemstone.Pendant with mirror finish, it contains a pearl and clear cz

  • Pendant 2- Syringe Pendant - this piece requires making a pendant with syringe and setting of a fireable gemstone.
  • Pendant 3- Porcelain Cabochon - this piece involves setting a porcelain cabochon in metal clay and then incorporatesa technique called scrafitto, using overlay paste to add a design on top of the porcelain.
  • Earring's - Syringe - Syringed earrings over a cork base.

Certification can be a great way to gain the added confidence and skill in metal clay. It is definitely not for beginners and it not for everyone. Personally, certification made me try things I may have done otherwise and gave me great confidence and skill. The instructor can be a factor in your enjoyment to any class. When I teach certification I include a discussion on skills, technique, safety. firing and I always add as many tips as possible throughout the class.

At the end of the certification your pieces are evaluated and successful completion leads to a certificate being issued from Art Clay World USA. This certificate entails the bearer to a 35% discount on silver metal clay through Art Clay World USA, other vendors may or may not honour this discount. BeadFX is one vendor who will honor Art Clay Level One Certification 35% discount for Art Clay silver! Thanks BeadFX!

Feel free to send me questions. Maybe I will see some of you this month in a class!!!



MitziMakes said...

Ooh that's exciting to read! I really want to do this course, Though I'm in the UK I wish I could come to the BeadFX as you sound like a brilliant teacher! Thanks for re-inspiring me to do some more research on this :)

FineSilverGirl said...

I know there are different certifications in the UK. I met some brillant metal clay artists and instructors at the Metal Clay World Conference last year in Chicago.

Of course if you ever make a trip across the pond let me know.

Anonymous said...

I came across a French ACS website with many photos of ACS I certification work, showing variations on the generic requirements (and lots of ideas!)