Monday, October 11, 2010

Comparing the New Swarovski Colours

A phrase from a book I read as a kid stuck with me over the years - the main character "dreamed of doing something grand one day, like discovering a new colour, a colour that no one had ever seen before ... "

It struck me as such an unlikely thing to want to do - and as I got older - such an impossible thing. We'd be talking re-engineering human physiology here - it just continued to stay with me. No idea now who wrote it or anything else about the story.

So - notwithstanding that - I'd like introduce to you - the new Swarovski colours. Colours ... well, you surely will have seen before - somewhere - but now you get add them to your design palette.

In fact - the new crystal colour - Sunflower - if you have been outside anywhere in Ontario in the last week - I'm sure you will have seen this colour!

To your left - some of the local colour, and to your right, the new Sunflower.

My first thought, on seeing these new beads was, and maybe yours is too: "How is that different from Light Topaz?"

Well - here's how it is different - Sunflower falls smack in between Topaz, on the left, and Light Topaz, on the right. Beautifully balanced right between the two, and so obvious you are probably wondering why they didn't have this colour before. I know I am. Now. That is.

In fact - just to elaborate on that a bit more, here is, from left to right, Topaz, Sunflower, Light Topaz, Citrine.

And if you do not think that is an awesome line up of fall colours - check this out.

Or how about with a splash of fuchsia Sumac? So - some Turquoise - adorned with Swarovski crystals? Are the wheels turning yet?

But wait, there's more. A new pearl colour, actually. This is Light Gold.

And if you are wondering where this falls in the pearl spectrum, here you go, with starting on the right this time, Platinum, Classic Cream, Bright Gold, Gold, and the rest are the new Light Gold.

Here is a close up of Light Gold, Gold, and Bright Gold. The Bright Gold is more of a Dark Gold, and Dark and Bright pretty much have opposite meanings, but I can see someone shying away from want to call it Dark Gold. I wouldn't, you understand, but hey!
And, to carry on the fall colours theme - you can definitely see the shades of gold in this autumn field, also shot a few days ago - on Highway 48, headed north from Markham, Ontario.

Both these new colours will be available online and in-store as of Wednesday midnight!

Have a happy Turkey Day - Gobble Gobble - get out and enjoy the colours!

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