Sunday, October 10, 2010

The joy of metal clay: Sculpture

I embrace the ease in which you can create sculptural elements with metal clay. Well OK it may not be EASY but it is much easier than if you wanted to create with traditional metal working techniques.

Here is some of the fun I have had over the years working with metal clay:

I love building miniature buildings, homes, apartment buildings, birdhouses and more. I especially like making rounded buildings for some reason. The birdhouse below was inspired by a birdhouse my mother-in-law had in her yard.

"Barb's Birdhouse"

The windmill below was one of my early building attempts. I made it by wrapping clay around a dowel to make the round part of the building. The roof (which you can't see but is similar to the birdhouse roof) was made by creating a cone shape by cutting out a circle then cutting out a pie piece from the circle (size depends on how you want to make your cone) then shaping the cone shape. (BTW - the blades on the windmill spin!)



Wacky sculpture with moving parts is one of my passions. Here are two of my favorites. I use fine silver wire to create sturdy moving legs.


"Fine Silver Girl #3"

I have been making variations of a Fine Silver Girl doll pendant for a while now. The first Fine Silver Girl was a flat shape which I had decided was sort of boring and uninspired (my eldest son who is a sentimental 8-year-old still loves it and thinks its the best). Personally, I decided I had to create movement and so I began making them with moving legs. I use fine silver wire that is balled on the end and inserted into the hollow body so that the legs will swing.


Metal clay lends itself to carving as well. This is a great way to add texture to your sculpted piece. This ring is made to look like a branch. It was a rolled and shaped piece of clay that was then carved.
"Dogwood Trio"

Go forth and experiment!

Have a happy Thanksgiving...or Columbus Day!


MitziMakes said...

such gorgeous creations. I love the birdhouse especially. It'd be fun to create one with a little bird charm that could hide inside if it wanted :)

Fine Silver Girl said...

Mizi, I have thought about that too...Just haven't gotten around to exectuion. Great minds think alike. Heather