Thursday, August 05, 2010

Yay! The tutorial is done

I have to say, what started with Marg ordering a few glass tiles - turned into quite the full little process for Dwyn and I. You may have noticed on our front page this morning - Dwyn mentions creating the collage sheets - These are so much fun to make - Dwyn being the incredible artist that she is - I cannot wait to see the dragons, and fairies, and other things she comes up with!

The tutorial, and collage sheets are free this week only with purchase. Starting with next wee's update the Tutorial will be $15.00 - which will include 2 collage sheets, which is a great value - as collage sheets alone usually sell for between $3 to 4 each.
For those of you who have purchased our free tutorial and collage sheets this week - we would love to hear feedback - positive or negative.

I did run into one little snag last night, that I'm trying to fix up today. The collage sheets are supposed to be actually included in the tutorial - however, my pdf creator is not being very user friendly, and it's trying to resize the collage sheets - which is really not good, and won't do at all. Until I get this fixed, anyone who orders the free version will get three separate files.  I tried fixing it last night, but both Dwyn and I were far too exhausted to even consider fixing it.

Now that I have slept, and my brain has returned - I'll have a fresh look it it today.

I do hope you all enjoy our collage sheets, and the tutorial!


Cynthia of Cynful Creations said...

Sounds most exciting, but how come the tutorial and collage sheets are only available for online ordering, what about those of us who prefer to shop in the actual store??

jen said...

I think it's because of the printing issue - It would put the cost up. I think someone was talking about having a couple available, or if you shop in the store - you could request that one be sent to you - since it's digital, and not available in hard copy.

I'm sure something can be arranged!

Cynthia of Cynful Creations said...

Makes sense. I'll ask in the store when I'm there. Thanks!