Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Next week is jam-packed with classes at Beadfx. The topics range from metal clay to lampworking to basic bead stringing earrings. So take your pick, and have fun!

1. The Clintons (Laurie-Anne and Beth) are back teaching the Viking Knit class. This is an introductory class for all of you out there who have been dying to learn how to do the viking knit. Plus, you get to use the All-In-One "Lazee-Daizee" Viking Knit tool, which we also carry at the store. It makes a huge diffference with the tool.

2. Check out these beautiful earrings - made with pearls!

Let's Link Up is beginner class for those looking to learn how to make earrings. Plus, you'll learn how to wire wrap, and make wire loops. Both necessary skills for any beader.

3. Introduction to Art Clay Copper
Our very own finesilvergirl ( for those of you who read her weekly posts), aka Heather Bell Denison is tackling Art Clay Copper. She'll answer your many questions: such as how art clay copper is different from art clay silver, firing schedules etc. And most importantly, you get to get your hands dirty.

Adios Amigas!

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