Monday, August 16, 2010

Back to the Future

Ack - halfway through August - summer's nearly over! Where did this year go? How can it be 2010 for that matter? Isn't that some distant time in the future?

And if I've somehow managed to travel into the distant future, where's my flying car? And my household robot? Where are the underwater cities? And the vacations on the moon?


Well - moving on from this future-inspired angst, I'm going to fire up the Wayback Machine - and show you the three Swarovski Colour Charts that we have that span the last few years. These are interesting because you see how much more complex the product lines are getting. Also, changes in the branding.

These pictures are thumbnails, by the way. Click on them and you will see the full size version - which will give you enough detail to actually read the names if you want.

This is the oldest one we have - there is no date on it. It list colours and effects only, and was intended to be in use for a long time. Note the Swarovski Swan version of the logo.

This one actually has a date on it, copyright 2005. This has the Create Your Style branding. This also shows colors and effects, but notice the much larger selection of colours.

This is the most recent version - we got this at the product roll-out at the beginning of this year. This one adds "shape selection" to the colours and effects. This one shows the "Crystallized" branding.
And all three together in the store. Quite the size difference too!

I just checked the driveway again - still no flying car. If there was, I'd cover it in Swarovski rhinestones. That would be blingy in any age!

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