Tuesday, August 03, 2010


Snake Knot and Phoenix Knot Cords
Sat August 14

This week Angela Peace is teaching the Snake Knot and Phoenix Knot Cords. These two versatile knots, when combined with beads, make simple and elegant jewelery. The best part is you can use whatever type of cord suits your fancy - satin, leather, and cotton... depending on how you want your jewelery to look.

Next week?
Well, do your jumprings tend to open up? Do you want to learn how to solder your own jumprings? Then, you should take the Basics of Soldering class on Sun August 15. You'll learn a lot more than keeping your jumprings closed!

Adios Amigas!

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Sandy Breytenbach said...

Just LUURV your blog and your website - I'm from South Africa, pretty limited in beading resources so hope you don't mind if I return here to learn a bit. Just wish I could afford the excessive postage and buy some of the lovely goodies too. :(