Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Wednesday Linky Love

I've somehow in this insane heat managed to come down with some sort of flu bug - as such, my big plans for last night (inspiration for tonight, playing with the glass clay, writing a blog entry for today) did not get done...I'm awake and headache free for the moment, but I can feel it coming back. So I quickly give you a few eye candy sites. It's too hot to go out, so stay inside and bead!

First off - Have you checked out Marcia DeCoster's blog?  - Since she's coming to teach, I thought posting that one would be timely!

Then I decided to go blog hopping - randomly choosing a blog from the list of links - I like this one, and will certainly add it to my feed:  - Are you curious? I double dare you not to click on the link!

Okay, I'll let you continue from there :-) Looking at the computer is not helping my pour pounding head!

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