Thursday, July 08, 2010

More playing around (part ?)

I have to say, my short lived addictions to certain old television shows can be entirely credited with my bouts of creativity. I am probably somewhat ADHD. I can't 'just' make jewelry, I also need my mind engaged elsewhere. That could be listening to an audio book, or watching a dvd on my computer. I like to work listening to music, but not for as long.

So this is what I worked on last night, while engaged in three separate things. An online game I've become addicted to, watching season 4 of Buffy, and doing 15 minute bouts of entering gst amounts in a spreadsheet. I stayed up quite late, which is why my blog post is so tardy this morning :-)

Last night was resin night. I tend to save up my pieces that need to be coated in resin, as to not waste the resin. When mixing resin, you need to mix up a certain amount to make sure that it mixes properly. That amount, is far too much for one piece.

Here is an example of a piece that I will need to remove the resin on. This is a fine silver (metal clay)  heart,with a fairly deep bezel. I wanted to colour it, and haven't yet decided what I want to use. In this case, I used an acrylic paint, that I brushed on, and then wiped off to highlight the shiny bits. I don't think I like it. If you apply resin, and need to remove it for any reason - soak it for 15 minutes in a bowl of acetone based nail polish remover. It'll peel off easy peasy :-)

These two pieces are both silver, but with a bake on enamel paint, then coated in resin. These I like much better:

This green heart may need a bit of work - Unfortunately, I missed an air bubble, and the resin spilled from the bezel bowl. I may be able to clean it up with an exacto knife - we'll see.

The next few pictures are all my attempt to make those little image pendants a lot more interesting - now if only I had a smidge of artistic talent, I would use my own images...However, I can't draw or paint to save my life...

I like these :-)

I think these are my favorite ones by far - they need a bit of clean up work, but just a bit of filing, and then attaching a chain - plus being copper, are much more affordable than the silver version.


marie-andree said...

I love Buffy! it's regularly on while I'm beading.

Jacklyn said...

I love the copper butterfly pendants. I think that I would frame them against a deep blue background with an inset sepia colored wood frame like a biological display. Very Victorian. They are truly beautiful.