Thursday, July 08, 2010

Has your Ice Resin crystalized?

One of our customers noticed that her bottle of part A had become somewhat crystalline and quite viscous. I had never come across that before, so we put the question to the manufacturer. Here is what they had to say:

Give these instructions to the customer with cystalizing Resin.  The ICE is ultra pure resin and sensitive to cold.  Actually what happened to cause this was cold while traveling during the winter. 
Dear Valued Customer:
Your recent order of  ICE Resin needs a quick Hot Water Bath.  Please follow these instructions and your product will be perfect.  Run your hot tap water for a couple of minutes to get full temperature.  Put in the plug and fill sink or use a bowl or bucket.  Secure the cap on your resin only (Part A)  and stick  the bottle in the hot water for 30 minutes.  You do not need to do anything with Part B, it is fine.  The resin got too cold this winter and needs to be warmed up.  You should only need to do this one time but please check the product for easy flow and clarity before each use. 

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