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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Time Sponge: All the Best Blogs,or the worst?

Oh jeez - do NOT go to this site if you ever want to have free time again. This collection of blogs, called (not sure how that is pronounced, to-leep or sleep). Anyway - this is a time-sponge and a half, with the same sort of fascination that is elicited by trashy tabloids and car accidents and other-peoples-misfortunes. Resist, if you can, Divorce Cakes, The Biggest Holes in the Earth, When Worms Attack Your Car. Ignore the links at the bottom of each page if you can - to other fascinating items, such as Worst Photoshop Mistakes. or Most Creative Wallpapers.

Argh - I think it took me two hours to write that paragraph. Don't blame me if you never get any work done again.

1 comment:

jen said...

Is it as bad as School of Wizardry? bleh - you and Dan are completely at fault for that one ;-)