Thursday, April 08, 2010

It's the week of the flu

We've got a few people down for the count this week, including myself earlier this week, and now my kids. I don't have anything to show this week, experimental or otherwise. however, the big news of the day (in case you missed it) is that voting is now open on our CreativeFX challenge.

CreativeFX - Voting now!

Voting is now open for the 2009 projects - yes - it took us a while, but we had some technical difficulties.
This is the People's Choice portion of our creativeFX design challenge - which is a series of bead assortments that we offer as a stimulus to your creative juices. And - the prospect of a gift certificate doesn't hurt either.
Anyhow - you can go and see the entries and vote here. Voting is open til May 12. One vote per person.

By the way - we have had only one submission for our first round of CreativeFX for 2010 - just one entry - albeit an incredibly lovely dual entry by Karin S. However, as we choose these as a random draw, one for each kit - Karin - and she may hate me for pointing this out, is currently guaranteed to win. ;-P Now, I know we sold more than one kit - so the rest of you, need to get off your (butts) and get your entries finished and into us by email by midnight Sunday (April 11).

Go check out the awesome creations!

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