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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Suzanne Crudden

As many of you know, we have a fantastic metal smithing instructor here at Beadfx, Suzanne Crudden. Aside from the Metal Smithing 101 classes, she has also created some really fabulous metal working classes for beaders.

Her upcoming Metal Working for Beaders: Creating Your Own Production Line begins in June and runs for 8 weeks. Students will learn how to design and create their own limited production line of silver jewellery. Basic wax sculpting techniques are introduced and metal finishing skills are refined. Students will have the opportunity to complete three projects incorporating a consistent design element within each. And as an added bonus there will be a field trip to a jewellery casting house to get an insiders view on the process!

You should have taken Metal Working for Beaders or Metal Smithing 101 before taking this class.

Suzanne has another new class coming up this Saturday April 24th from 10 to 4pm, The Basics of Soldering.

Over the course of a one day class we will explore the soldering of precious metals in different scenarios. An introduction to the torch and the principles behind soldering will be provided before moving on to hands-on practice.

Topics covered will include: soldering a butt joint, soldering a long seam, soldering a small item to a large item and how to solder a jump ring. This is a beginner course.

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