Monday, April 12, 2010

Question about Artistic Wire

We got the following question - thought it might be of interest to others of you too.

I am going to be working with a liquid polymer clay that is baked in a 275 F degree oven. I want to incorporate artistic wire into the piece. Do you know if the wire/coating could withstand that heat without altering???

Our guess is that it would be fine, but it doesn't hurt to go to the source - so we asked the folks that make it.

Here is their reply:

The coating on Artistic wire should hold up without any discoloration at 275 degrees. It is always good to do testing before actual production. We do not know the chemical make-up of the liquid polymer clay and cannot make a prediction about what chemical changes the clay will make during the heating process and if those changes might cause some discoloration or altering of the finish on the Artistic Wire.

So - it's probably fine - test a piece first before going berserk and making 400 pendants!

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