Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Friday

It's absolutely gorgeous here today. I've got so much work to do, and the outdoors is calling me. Sigh - it will have to wait. This weekend, it's gardening, and of course you won't want to miss the bead fair!

Yesterday, was one of my few days in the shop. I usually come in about once a week to help out, and of course I end up spending way too much money :-) This weeks haul was 2 books, and the fabulous new dapping set Marg just brought in:

s24384 Tools -  Dapping Set - Basic (1)s24384 Tools - Dapping Set - Basic (1) $47.95
The essential starter set - 8 dapping tools, with matching block - covers most needs. Cavity sizes are 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 20, 28, 28 mm, with corresponding punches. Block is smooth on the reverse - so use it as a bench block. Nice wood stand that you will actually use. Polished steel.

I was also planning next weeks inspiration.  I haven't got it made yet, but It's going to be a no holds barred, glittery Swarovski, and sterling concoction. Rosemary and I had fun picking out the components :-)  I usually try to keep the projects within a reasonable price frame, but sometimes it's fun to go all out. Although, any of you familiar with some of Dwyn's creations, it's not quite that bad. I did not empty the store of Swarovski's :-) In fact, I kept it to one pack of 4mm bicones. You'll see :-)

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