Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lasts Night Boro class, and the inspiration...

First off, it seems I made a wee bit of a mistake with my earrings last night. Funny thing was, I had a few inspirations ready to go up, but of course being the major procrastinator that I am. I waited to the last minute to actually photograph them. I wasn't originally planning on taking the boro class, so what should have been a few hours to work on them, turned into less than an hour by the time I got home.

Now, these earrings I made a few weeks ago (3 or 4 in fact), and I've looked at them countless times, I photographed them, then looked at them again while in photoshop, and in putting up the pic.

Now, you can probably see where I'm going with this. I get an email from Dwyn this morning:

Subject: Inquiring minds....
want to know ...
why there are two different bead caps used in the project?

Sigh - It seems i'm going blind - I either need way better lighting in my studio, or it's time for another eye exam. Being a beader, it's probably a bit of both. :-)
I'll get those earrings fixed up later tonight!
What's even most interesting, is that Dwyn was the only one who mentioned it...Did anyone else notice? - cuz, I know you guys aren't the shy type to not point out our mistakes!

Anywhoo....I had a blast during keiths class last night. Next week is the pendant workshop, which I've signed up for as well. Keith is AWESOME. I made a whole whack of really cool icicles last night - and I have dreams of making heaps of them for my Christmas tree this year. Malliga took the class, and has never worked with boro at all - She was whipping out off mandrel icicles like crazy.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, we've all done it! Weird and different is in right? who knows maybe others thought this was the next fad in jewelry. You just might have started something here:)