Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Boro Class tonight

Tis the season of classes - at least for me. As the weather gets cold, I tend to get into a little seasonal slump. It happens to most people in February, but for me, it's always this time of year. There is nothing like taking a class to get your creative mojo back. Tonight I'll be taking Keith's Icicle class. I've always wanted to learn how to work Borosilicate glass, and this seems like the perfect first project to try out.

I had the opportunity to sit with Keith during our last lampworkers trunk show, and watching him turn out a bunch of totally fabulous boro fish on what I thought to be our underpowered torches (at least for boro). We were thrilled to discover that the Mega Minor running on Natural Gas was most definitely hot enough!

Malliga and I are both taking the class tonight. I'll post pics of my first Icicles later.


Laura said...

I SO wish I was in town for this! Have fun!

dragonjools said...

You'll enjoy it a lot! Keith is a kind and patient teacher and I had a lot of fun when we "designed" this class.

There are more classes coming up with Keith too!