Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Get some class!

Get some class will ya already! We got class - classes coming out the wazoo - doncha know?

If it ain't one thing - it's another - I've been tied up for the last 3 weeks with a family emergency - and no sooner do I get back - than Jen has one - so here's me filling in with the weekly class blog listing.

So all you folks who can't make it here to take a class - well - you'll just have keep hoping that we offer video classes sometime!

You can, of course, check out all the classes any time on our classes page - and I will be the first to admit that this is not the easiest to navigate part of our website. The dates and times are listed on the month pages, and the detail pages are linked in there. If you happen to wind up on a detail page first - you can easily be confused as to why there is no listing of when the class is taking place. This is because we re-use those pages, and if we put date and time info on them - sure as shooting - we'd forget to change it and something horrible would happen - like folks showing up on the wrong date or the wrong time.

Not that having any of you show up anytime is a bad thing - but I don't want to be the one responsible for disappointing anyone. Then we'd all feel bad.

Anyhoo - enough of that blather - I do want to bring a couple of classes in particular to your attention.

First up - beginning of May - we have Jeri Wharhaftig coming to teach two classes back to back. If you are a lampworker - either an intrepid beginner or intermediate or even beyond - then I suggest that you sign up "toot sweet" - as my grandmother used to say. I have it on good authority that Jeri is an absolute sweetheart of an instructor, very kind and very skilled - so don't hesitate.

And if you are hesitating because you think you aren't skilled enough - well - that is really the point of taking the class - to get better skilled! What are you waiting for - to be good enough that you don't need to take the class? Classes are a great way to get your creativity jump-started - move in a new direction - find your own personal voice. So book some time off work, plan to call in sick, or whatever - just do it.

Jeri is scheduled to teach "Demystifying Dichroic and Conquering Copper" - a two-part class on May 3 and 4th. This class is $425 for the two days, and includes all the glass, etc, that you will require. If you have favorite tools, your own glasses, you are welcome to bring them (I suggest marking them with tape or nail polish or paint to make them easy to i.d.) - but everything is provided.

The second class is on May 5 and 6 - the Saturday and Sunday and is "Sandblasting Lampworked Beads." We are installing a sandblasting unit expressly for this class - but it won't be going away after the class - we will still have it available for use - so unless you want it sitting there while you wished you knew how to use it - I suggest you sign up.

If you are not sure what sandblasting is - it is a process of using a stream of small, rough particles (like - SAND) to carve away part of the bead and leave a textured pattern on the surface. It opens the door to going beyond making beads and gives you many more options to customize your work. This class is $450 - and again - everything you need is included. The description of the class states that you "should be able to make large beads with reasonable competency" in order to be successful - which would pretty much describe all the folks who got started by taking a class with me - as my own personal motto is go big or go home!

If you want to see more of Jeri's work - check out her website at jeribeads.com.

The other class I'm going to bring to your attention is the wire wrapping class with Robert Burton .(I keep typing his name as Richard Burton and having to go back. I don't suppose they are related.) Robert has a 3  week class on wire wrapping starting on Monday April 16, and continuing on the 23rd and 30th. These are evening classes - from 6 - 9 pm - (yes - I know we close before 9 pm on Monday's - students get to stay late.) The class is a measley $90, and there is a $40 kit fee that includes all the wire you'll need, and more, plus the cabochons and beads, etc. (No - you probably won't advance to the level of anything as fancy as this bracelet in 3 weeks. Not unless you practice lots!) If you want to know what the secret is to making these wire wrapped beauties - then sign up and all will be revealed. Oh, I could tell you, but then I'd have to shoot you.

We do have other classes coming up - and I feel bad for not mentioning them - like Pam's class on making these netted beauties, for only $35 dollars and a $15 kit fee. That's on Friday the 13th - so that would be an awesome thing to do that day! It's an evening class - 5 - 8 pm - so you don't even have to skip work. Unless you want to.  ;-)

Oh, and Cindy's Formfolding class is this weekend, and Angela's Kumihimo class, and the Corsage Project evenings are coming up - well - all I can say is - you have just no excuses if you can't find something you want to take! So check out the April schedule, and we hope to see you soon. Remember - students get an in-store discount on the day of the class - so arrive early!

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