Sunday, October 09, 2016

InspirationFX: Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat

by: Erin Singleton
Walking home from work the other night, a strong breeze blew through the trees. The light from the street lamps danced across the pavement, while an eddy of fallen leaves rustled over the sidewalk. It's that time of year again... Halloween!

Inspired by the Jack o' Lanterns now lining the neighbours porches, this bracelet gets into the festivities. Black and orange leather braid together with bright copper and metal noir findings.

To begin, cut 6 strands of black leather and 4 strands of mango leather, approximately 10" in length. This gives you enough length to knot you strands together at the beginning and then snip the knot off once braided. Group the leather into two bundles of black and one bundle of orange and create a simple braid. Once the braid is long enough to go around your wrist, secure the either end with a wrap of painters tape and trim. Remember that the findings and clasp will add about an inch to the bracelet.

Place one end of the braid into an end crimp, dab on a little super new glue and squeeze shut with a pair of nylon jaw pliers. Repeat on the other end and remove the painters tape, once securely in the end crimps. Add a black jump ring to either end crimp and a bright copper lobster claw to finish.


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