Monday, October 17, 2016

Fall 2016 jewellery trend round-up

By Cindy Goldrick

It's that time of year again! I've scoured the fashion magazines' reporting on the fall jewellery trends to bring you this summary. Then you can look in your jewellery box for styles that are back, or can be easily upcycled to look current. And never forget that your favourite jewellery store has all the components ( and classes) that will allow you to custom-make on trend jewellery at a fraction of the department store prices. 

Chain chain chain: we're not talking about tiny chains or masses of chain. We are talking about padlock the door chain. It's part of the punk revival in jewellery. 

Speaking of which...
Safety pins. Yes safety pins. Big ones in your ears, dangling from your lobes and even as components to join sections of chain in necklaces. I'm not kidding. 

Big big big: big slices of agate on long chains as well as worn like big plates on your ears as earrings. Also big pearl ropes piled up. Big coins on chokers, as earrings. The XXL necklace that piles it on, stacks it up and looks like it will weigh you down is your best accessory. 

More more more: pile on those rings - the bigger the better. Finally style has caught up with me. Lol. 

Charms, charms and more charms: on rings and big chunky bracelets. But what I'm loving is the talisman style necklaces that a small company I work with, Bench Artisans, has been making and selling all summer. 

Eye glass chains: on the chain theme, these are in your face chains that make your glasses a major fashion accessory. 

Chokers: get out the velvet, lace and other tactile textiles. Create or buy a buckle for the back and add pearls, semi precious stones or a brooch. 

Ohhhhh, brooches! Look out 80s ladies - brooches are back. Wear them as pairs on lapels with chain draped between them. Attach them to headpieces for instant glamour. Pile two or three on one side that have a theme to bring them together.  

What's still in style from the spring:

Tassels galore as duster earrings, on talisman necklaces, on hand bags.

Asymmetrical looks, especially one duster earring. 

If you have noticed any other trends, please add them below. 

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