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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Big Wire - Big Crimps

New74702999-00 Artistic Wire - 8 gauge Braided Wire - Non-Tarnish Brass (Pack) this week, Big Braided Wire, and crimps to join the ends.
24012001-02 Findings - 12 gauge Crimp Tubes for Wire - Brass (Pack)
Here's a cool idea - you can join the ends of this heavy, braided wire with crimps, to make a bangle bracelet!

It's easy to do - size the wire to fit your wrist - it needs to go over the widest part of your hand - so 9-10 inches, and slide one of these large crimps halfway onto the end, and crimp, and then slide the other end of the wire into the crimp and crimp the other half! Easy peasy. (If you are adding beads or charms onto the wire - do that first, before the final crimping!)

Alternately - you can use crimpable ends (or glueable) and add a toggle clasp, if you are not a fan of bangles.

There is a video here - it takes just seconds to make.

74701023-38 Artistic Wire - 16 gauge Round Wire - Silver Plated - Pearl Silver (Pack)74701023-40 Artistic Wire - 16 gauge Round Wire - Iron (Spool)We have 2 new colours as well in the regular Artistic wire, the Pearl Silver and Iron. The Pearl Silver is a frosty white, and the Iron is close to black. I should point out that the "Iron" is the colour, and it is still a copper wire with a coloured coating.

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