Thursday, October 06, 2016

Attention: All Seedbeaders

tb15r504 Japanese Seedbeads - 15/0 Toho Seedbeads - Higher Metallic Pandora
"Good morning ladies and gentleman and all the ships at sea. This is Bead McBeady with a seedbeady update.

This just in: New colours of both Toho size 15/0 seedbeads and Miyuki size 15/0 seedbeads.

The Miyukis all appear to be of the Duracoat variety, mb15-4488 Japanese Seedbeads - 15/0 Miyuki Seedbeads - Light Orchid Opaque [Duracoat]while the Toho's are some of the more exotic colours, like the Gold Lustre Green Tea, the Higher Metallic Pandora, and the Metallic Cosmos. We have it on good authority that seedbeaders everywhere have been waiting for these with bated breath. Later - we will have an interview with famed scientist Dr. Fritz Katz who has researched the eating of cheese and sitting by mouseholes on the topic of baited breath.

s50529 Czech Seedbeads - 2 Hole MiniDuos - Chalk CelsianIn other news, a stampede of Miniduos has been spotted at BeadFX - with around 20 new colours rampaging through the aisles. We go to our reporter Tiny Needles, in the field ... "
"Thank you McBeady - yes we are here in the aisles at BeadFX, and we seem to be surrounded by MiniDuos. As you probably know, MiniDuos are smaller versions of SuperDuos - the famous 2 hole bead that helped to launch the pressed, 2-hole bead revolution."

"Are there any new SuperDuos, Needles?"

"No, McBeady - there are no new SuperDuos this week, but there is a herd of them on Manager's Special, so we suspect those might be endangered."

"Alrighty, thank you for that report Ms Needles."

And back here in the studio - we have a report from our Wire-ologist, Wy R. U. Bent.

Ms Bent - what's new in the world of wire?"
s50601 Tools - Pliers -  Wire Banding Pliers - 20/21 Gauge"Well, McBeady - we have some very exciting news in wire today. Today we see two new tools expressly designed to make wire wrapping easier. The wire banding pliers and double band pliers. These tools make a fold in the half round wire for wrapping around 21 gauge square wire. This makes it much easier to get a good, clean wrap started. We go to film with inventor Wyatt White."

"Why - that certainly is exciting news, Wy. And do you have any more news for us in wire?"
s50626 Metal Sheet - 0.4 x 9 inch Rectangle Bracelet Blank - Bare Copper"Yes indeedy, McBeady. Bare Copper fans will be happy to see that there is new Bare Copper Wire and longer bracelet blanks too. These are custom cut to 9 inches, making them big enough to solder into bangles, or make cuffs for larger wrists!"

s50593 Tools -  Clover Mini Loom -
"Well - that certainly is exciting news Ms Bent. And we come back to the studio - wait - I'm getting a news flash - this just in - Clover Mini Looms - for the beader on the go - for travelling, small projects, or for those who always have multiple projects on the go, get more than one!

And that's the way it is this week for the Beady News from BeadFX. Wishing you all a great week and see you next week, with more wonderful beady news. Bead Happy!"

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