Thursday, September 15, 2016

Silk inside, Stamps, and Opsimaths

It is a busy, busy, busy update this week. 

Freakin' huuuuge in fact. I mean huge. Oh, where to start!

db1860 Delicas - 11/0 Japanese Cylinders - Silk Inside Dyed Delphinium (7.5 g)How about 54 new colours of Delicas? A whole bunch of hot off the press colours, including the db1888 Delicas - 11/0 Japanese Cylinders - Transparent Chartreuse Luster (7.5 g)Silk Inside and the Transparent Lusters.

Maybe you'd like something more in the instant gratification category - s49984 Finger Rings - ID 14 mm Crown Bezel - Bright Silverhow about a bit of finger bling?

These crown bezel rings are adjustable for size, just slide to the right size, and then bend the tabs over to lock into place. They take the 14 mm rivolis - or, for that matter, any 14 mm round stone - and you bend the picots of the decorative crown edge over onto the rivoli to hold it in place.

And if that sounds like too much work, glue it. (But it isn't too much work, honestly. Use the side of your pliers, or the eraser end of the pencil to bend them down. Assuming you can find a pencil with an eraser on it these days!

s49991 Coin Holder - ID 26.5 mm Lucky Loonie Frame - Bright Gold Plateds49995 Coin Holder - ID 26.5 mm Lucky Loonie Frame with Loonie - Bright Gold PlatedNow that we are starting to think about #handmadechristmas - the gals are easy - but what about the guys?

How about a Lucky Loonie charm for the keyring? Especially designed to take a Canadian $1 dollar coin - known as the Loonie, for it's picture of a Loon on it - you just pop the coin in, and fold over the three tabs on the back for a nice, secure hold. Will also take the US Susan B Anthony dollar, the Sacagawea dollar or any other 26.5 mm coin. And for those of you who are not in Canada and therefore do not have a loonie handy - you can buy the version with the coin included and assemble it yourself.

s50471 Metal Sheet - 5/8 in Bracelet Blank - Aluminum (2)Or maybe you are thinking about hitting something. With a hammer. Which is always a good way to make an impression.

These aluminum bracelet blanks - narrow and wide - are amazing for the beginning stamper. I was, I admit, deeply skeptical at first about aluminum as a stamping medium - but s50465 ImpressArt Stamps -  Mandala Design Stamp/Punch Set - Series 2it turns out to be great! It takes beautiful, deep impressions easily - and these new Mandala Design punches, Series 1 and Series 2 are a whole lot of fun. Instead of a single stamp, these are 4 stamps with elements that you can combine to make your own designs with! There are lots of s50461 ImpressArt Stamps - 9.5 mm Design Stamp/Punch - Left Hand Printnew items in the ImpressArt Stamps this week, and in the metal to stamp section too, so have a look around!
(Check out my blog post for the greatest stamping tip of the century!)

s50482 Needle - #10 Toho Beading Needles - Variety Pack (Pack)If you have been waiting for the Toho needles - they are in too, #10 and #11.

There is lots more new this week besides, so click on a link or image, or check out all the new items here!

Are you an Opsimath?

An opsimath is someone who takes up learning something new late in life. Like if you decide to take beading classes once you retire! Isn't is a great word? ops-si-maTH. Almost makes you want to go find something new to learn just to be one.

If you have already started your Opsimathic studies in beading, you will want to advance to the next level with a few of these classes - if not, you can start with our September calendar of classes and browse to find the skill that speaks to you!

We still have a few spaces left in the Jean Power classes. Don't forget that she will also be unveiling her new kits for the first right here! 

Also coming in October, Hannah Rosner will be teaching a selection of classes including Lampwork Floral Headpins (Oct 21); Under the Sea Bracelet - Bead Embroidery and Peyote (Oct 22), and the Coral Reef Bracelet - Peyote stitch (Oct 23)

Bead Happy!

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