Thursday, September 01, 2016

Ethereal Elegance vs Boho Casual

And More Power To You - Jean Power teaching in September!

s49982 Glass -  Oval Engraved Contour Cabochon (13214) - Crystal Bright Purple Haze
It's not really a contest you know. It's not really a cage match with the "Ele-e-gant Cryst-hal Cabochons in this cow-ner, weighing in at pure bling and a touch of dazzle; and in this cow-ner - a flash from the past, with a dust of rust, the down-to-earth funky Metal Pendants."

s49954 Metal Pendant -  Rough Pony - Antiqued CopperWell - it might be.

But I'm fairly certain that most of us have dabbled in both ends of design spectrum at one time or another! And - sometimes we even combine the two!

And with this week's offerings - you can choose one, or the other, or both!

s49976 Glass - 16 mm Round Engraved Cabochon (13215) - Crystal Bright MahoganyThese German Glass cabochons have a s49981 Glass -  Oval Engraved Contour Cabochon (13214) - Matte Crystal Bright Celadonmarvellous contoured shape, oval and swirly, or round and mountainous. And they come in your choice of shiny or matte. To me - they evoke the exotic stones of the fabulous vintage Har jewelry! Wirewrap them, or pop them into a bezel or some epoxy clay! Or even concrete!

s49951 Metal Pendant -  Purrfect Cat - Antiqued CopperOn the rough and ready side - we have all these casual metal pendants!

You can declare your allegiances49957 Stamped Metal Components -  Dog - Retriever - Rusted Iron to the Cat Tribe, the Dog Clan, or you can just run with the horses.

s49953 Metal Pendant -  Rough Pony - Antiqued Pewter

Or, if you are more of a bird-brain ;-)
- We have swallow beads too. s49969 Czech Glass -  Swallow Oval - Phoenix Fire (Strand 10)

Back to School!
Have you been looking forward to bundling the kids off to school? Or have you been packing up the car and driving them off to their new lives in university.
With that out of the way - it's time to think about your own continuing education! Classes are fun, get out - see new things, meet new people; a chance to learn new stuff, make new stuff; and by the way - keep your brain young and supple!

British designer and author Jean Power is teaching three exciting intermediate-level classes. As a bonus, for each class of Jean's that you register for, you will receive a $40 Gift Certificate that can be used toward the supplies needed for the class or saved for future classes and on-line merchandise.

Friday, September 23: Sparkle Stars
This sparkling ornament, or pendant, takes the basics of the geometric stars and fires them up a notch with the addition of bicone crystals in the centre to make a reversible, dazzling star.

Saturday, September 24: Armarria Series Bracelet
This sparkling series combines a bracelet and necklace centrepiece that unite peyote stitch components with Swarovski Chatons and bicones for dramatic and versatile pieces. Ideal for anyone who knows basic peyote stitch, the bracelet can be adapted in height (the one shown above is a double layer) to suit your own tastes and preferences. Using beading elastic as its base the finished piece requires no clasp and makes it ideal for different sizes and wearers.

Sunday, September 25: Sticks and Stones Bracelet
This elegant and reversible bracelet combines Cubic Right-Angle Weave components and a mix of beads to create a versatile bracelet with many possibilities. Ideal for anyone who has never beaded CRAW before, the class includes detailed instructions on the stitch along with both a chevron and curved version of the bracelet. Using beading elastic as its base the finished piece requires no clasp and makes it ideal for different sizes and wearers.

Anyway you slice it - you can click on a link or image above, or just check out all the new items here and see what ropes your pony!
Bead Happy!

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