Sunday, September 18, 2016

InspirationFX: Stretching Coral

Stretching Coral 

by: Rochelle Kilmer

                As we fall into the autumn weather, you can't help but notice the warm, rusty colours emerging in the leaves on the trees. But I'm still longing for the warm, summer months. Bright blues, greens coming to life in the underwater sea world. Coral comes in so many colours and textures as do the leaves on the trees from month to month. Leaves rustle in the breeze, as coral is swayed by the deep, rushing under current; both breathing living creatures. Needing to breathe, drink water,and eat food to survive. No different than us really.
                The texture and look of the 'Bow Burst Oval' reminded me of coral as the colours - 'Autumn Mix' is self-explanatory. The best of both worlds comes together in this living,stretching bracelet.
                Measure your wrist, then string on the ovals and firepolish. You can create a few or lots of dangles to incorporate if you want. Just make sure to put a firepolish on your headpin first, so that the oval doesn't slide off. Make a wrapped loop. If you are not sure how to do that, check out our TIPS page.  Add a dangle to the loop of the bail. This is where the knot will hide. Make sure the bail is the last thing you string on so the knot slides underneath. When you have everything strung on and you are happy with it, tie the 2 ends of the stretch cord together. Make another knot. Dab with tiny bit of glue.
All Done !!!


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