Thursday, September 22, 2016

How to be Stoned and still make a good Impression!

s50409 Stone Pendant -  7 Piece Long Drop Pendant Set - Lapis & Blue Impression Jasper
We would not feel so all alone
So everybody must get stoned!
But that doesn't mean that you can't make an awesome impression. Impression Jasper that is!

We scooped up a few more of these most excellent pendants sets in Impression Jasper, Lapis, and other stone/colours - and maybe even there will be enough to go around this time. Last time, so many of the staff here fell on them like the rapacious bead vultures that they are, that hardly any of them made it out to be sold! And we apologize for that. But, what the bead vultures want - the bead vultures get!

This week's update is full of stony goodness, there must be something in here to "rock" your world.

s50308 Stone Beads - 8 mm Big Hole Faceted Round - Picasso JasperIf you are making leather cord bracelets, and need stone beads with bigger holes, check out the new items in our Big Hole Stones! From subtle Picasso Jasper to the perplexing Orange Sodalite. Why did nature design a blue stone with orange stripes?

s50394 Stone Beads - 12 mm Coin - Black Moss Opal (strand)In our suites of stones - with a variety of shapes and sizes for your designing mind - we have Black Moss Opal, also known as Dendritic Opal. From Australia, this is a milky-white to brownish stone with dark greenish moss-like and tree-like inclusions. This is a "common opal" - which means that it does not have the spectacular play of colour that you might hope for from an opal from Australia, but as it is "an amorphous mineraloid comprised of hydrated silicon dioxide" it still is classified as opal.

s50581 Stone Beads - 10 x 14 mm Oval - Matte Wood Opalite (strand)With a confusingly similar name, we also have Wood Opalite - Matte finish. This is a petrified wood, and is actually a member of the quartz family. This is also known as fossilized wood or agatized wood.

s26869 Stone Beads - 8 mm Round - Angelite (strand)If you'd like a bit more colour in your stone beads, we have some Angelite, in a lovely, soft, pastel blue that will take you straight to your happy place. Or failing that, how about some Lepidolite, in a romantic, lustrous pink? s50297 Stone Beads - 8 mm Round - Lepidolite (strand)

s50262 Stone Beads -  Graduated Set - Pointed Oval - LarimarOr, if you are feeling like a splurge - we have a graduated set of Larimar. The colour is not super intense, but it wouldn't take much to string this into a truly fabulous statement piece. Accent it with some metal beads and let the stone speak for itself.

s50265 Stone Beads - 13 x 18 mm Rectangle - Malachites50264 Stone Beads - 16 mm Round - Malachite AzuriteThere is a wealth of truly delightful stone beads this week - mmmm - Malachite and Malachite Azurite, and these interesting plug rounds, smooth on one side and rough on the other, in Chrysocolla, Green Apatite and Amethyst.s50304 Stone Beads - 12 mm Plug - One Side Rough - Chrysocolla

Swarovski Fans! If you'd like to see the absolute latest stuff 347080-078 Swarovski Pendant - 10 mm Heart (Article 6228) - Crystal Rainbow Darkfrom Swarovski - then email directly for your invitation to this exclusive Swarovski Fall Launch event. Saturday evening (Sep 24) at 5:30 at the store, after closing, we will be hosting this private affair for stores, designers and Swarovski enthusiasts! You don't have to be a high-end buyer or a designer doyenne to come and rub shoulders with the sparkly set. See the latest Swarovski innovations, watch the videos, fondle the samples, and be inspired by drool-worthy designs that dazzle.

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