Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Drilling Stone and etc.

We do get lots of people asking about how to drill their own holes.

We blogged about drilling glass a while back, but we found a couple more really good resources, and so I wanted to put them here - so I can find them again. ;-)

This article - Just Drill It! - A Tutorial on Drilling Stone and Other Material by Kristin Oppold is very detailed and comprehensive - so if you aren't sure which end of the drill to use - this is your resource.

This facebook post by David Horste is also very good - also listing sources for bits and advice and tips.

He says, '(it's) Important to remember that one isn't actually DRILLING, in the concept of the way one would drill wood, metal, or plastic. "drilling" in stone of glass is actually more a process of GRINDING with a little, teeeny, tiny grinding wheel.'

Drill on!

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