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Friday, April 15, 2016

Colour Comparison: Swarovski Graphite

Graphite - one of the new colours from Swarovski - is a pure, neutral grey - a much needed addition to the colour palette. The existing greys are not truly colours - they are "effects" - meaning they are coatings - so they have a tendency to look different from different angles. Not necessarily a bad thing - but definitely a true grey is a welcome addition.

Think of it as a darkish neutral gray - leaning a little to the bluish side. It seems to happily want to reflect little flashes of blue.

Here we see, from the left, Montana Sapphire, Denim Blue, the new Graphite, and the classic Black Diamond. 

 And again, in the same order, all in the 8 mm round (5000). Montana, Denim, Graphite, Black Diamond. Black Diamond has been the go-to grey for many years, but in reality, it is rather more greenish than a pure grey.

Here again - changing the order to sort by shade - Denim, Montana, and Graphite. These look pretty good together. 
 And here's your handy reference chart. ;-)


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