Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Where do you hide your beads?

Are you right up front about your purchases, or do you need to smuggle them into the house under the cover of darkness (even from yourself)? An awful lot will fit into the bottom of your purse, or you could even hide them in a grocery bag. It's not something to be ashamed of so stand up, be proud, and own your craft! You need want it.....and you deserve it!!!
Okay you've got them past the front door, but now what do you do with them? Do you allow your beads to season in the bag, or are they immediately removed, sorted and then organized? I'm not ashamed to admit that I do both! Impulse purchases often stay in the bag (and sometimes for a long time), but if I'm starting on a project (or in the middle of one), they get sorted immediately. Of course I'm more into the impulse part, so I own a box full of bags, just waiting around for exciting discoveries! Hiding beads is such an effective solution....not! Warning! All of the photos in this post were borrowed from the internet!!!! My muse won't allow me to show my own dirty little secrets......
True confession time! Only my seed bead stash is organized to my satisfaction (we won't discuss the state of the rest of my beads), and that is sometimes questionable! I started out with chocolate, biscuit and shoe boxes, graduated to clear mason jars and dollar store containers, and finally a 10-drawer storage unit, purchased with a 50% off coupon from the local craft store. Is it perfect? No, but at least I can find stuff! I organize my seed beads by size and type, with a drawer allocated to each category. Size 11's are sorted into two drawers, with blue/greens in one (because I love them the most), and all the other colours in the second. The remaining drawers are allocated as follows: 8's & 6's, 15's, bugles, Delicas & 2-hole Czech beads (I don't know why I paired these together, but I did), miscellaneous specialty beads/mixes/bead soups (including triangles, cubes, drops, hexes, etc.), and three drawers for loose beads, pearls, charms and stones. This storage unit is bursting at the seams! I need a new one, but really don't have the space. What to do, what to do?
I'd die for a vintage map or drafting cabinet, but I'm afraid that I'll need to make do with another trip to Ikea. These units look good! I already own one of the red ones, but it's currently filled with other craft supplies. Before I buy anything else, I really do need to clean out the studio (spare bedroom without a bed). This was previously allocated to sewing, but I admit that I've been neglecting that particular obsession. I have several perfectly serviceable storage units, in need of a good purge! If I cleaned them out, I would have room....wait for put away all of my beads!!!! Why do I need vintage waistband elastic? Do I ever intend to make anything with an elastic waist? Nope, so why am I keeping it?
I guess that storage is in the eye of the beholder. Whatever works is okay, and you'd be surprised at how much space is available, after a little organizing. I plan to make a date with myself for a little spring-cleaning. It's either that or rent a backhoe!!! How about you? Any tips to share?


Unknown said...

Good topic! I find it is a continuous problem. I might start out putting all of one type of bead in a certain container, but over time I have more beads than fit in that container, so I have to change these to a different container. Virtually everything seems to be in continuous motion.... But when I do get things a bit organized I enjoy being able to put my finger on what I want in mere seconds...instead of...I know they were in a brown bag and should be in same bag as x, y, and z, last seen in that box over there...oh boy!

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

LOL! I share your pain Gail! But then again, why to organise them, when you're just going to turn around and mess them up again? At least you can always recycle the containers for other beads and findings, thus committing another neatness!